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What is Long QT?

Brianna's favorite color was yellow and her favorite restaurant was the hot dog stand outside Home Depot.  At eighteen months she strapped on her first pair of skis and spent Saturday's forever chasing a soccer ball.  She loved playing with her brother and noticed everything.

Everything changed one April afternoon when she died suddenly and unexpectedly from a cardiac arrhythmia known as Long QT Syndrome. Brianna’s case was one where her condition was identifiable and treatable.  But, it was missed.  Had it been detected, she would still be here with us today.  She had a fainting episode less than a month earlier on the playground at her daycare; but the paramedics and ER doctors thought it was a seizure – one of the signs of Long QT.  She suffered a second fatal episode on April 25 while visiting a Denver elementary school.

Had Brianna’s condition been accurately diagnosed, she could have been treated with beta blockers and/or an implantable defibrillator.  This is why the Brianna Badger Foundation exists – to foster awareness of heart conditions in children and young adults in Colorado with goals of education, family support, and advocacy.